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Take advantage of Ohio Farmers Union competitive insurance rates on everything from crops to your family’s health. For instance, most people who start OFU Health Savings Accounts save 20-30% on health care costs.
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[Video] How do Health Savings Accounts Work?

Ohio Farmers Union members save on health care costs. One of the ways to save your hard-earned money is to participate in an OFU-sponsored health plan that includes a Health Savings Account. Watch the video to learn how HSAs work.

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Latest News from the Ohio & National Farmers Union


Read Joe Logan’s Op-Ed on Voluntary COOL Compromise

Editor's Note: OFU President Joe Logan penned this op-ed for the Cincinnati Enquirer. It's online and ran in print edition. Today’s consumer goods are sourced from around the world and quality can vary greatly, so naturally, folks want to know the origin of their food. This is not only common … [Read More...]


NFU Calls Out Potential TPP Trade Partner for Currency Manipulation

NFU: Currency Manipulation Again Being Used by Potential TPP Partner to Gain Unfair Advantage Over U.S. Farmers and Ranchers National Farmers Union President Roger Johnson today again urged the administration to ensure that the final Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement include strong language … [Read More...]

NFU Denounces Chinese Currency Devaluation

National Farmers Union President Roger Johnson today denounced the Chinese government’s recent decision to devalue its currency, an unfair move that hurts U.S. family farmers’ and ranchers’ ability to export goods to China. Johnson called for the administration to ensure currency manipulation is … [Read More...]


NFU Tells Obama Admin It Left Farmers Out of Clean Power Plan

National Farmers Union President Roger Johnson issued the following statement today regarding the Obama administration’s release of the Clean Power Plan: “Climate disruption, linked to the emission of greenhouse gases (GHGs), poses severe threats to family farmers, ranchers, and rural communities … [Read More...]


COOL Update – NFU Adjusting Its Stance to Preserve a Semblance of Program

Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-IA, told an Iowa TV station last night that essentially there are two competing bills in the Senate regarding COOL, the Roberts full repeal and a bill that would replace the current mandatory COOL program with a voluntary program. That brings us to today and a practical … [Read More...]

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