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Take advantage of Ohio Farmers Union competitive insurance rates on everything from crops to your family’s health. For instance, most people who start OFU Health Savings Accounts save 20-30% on health care costs.
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[Video] How do Health Savings Accounts Work?

Ohio Farmers Union members save on health care costs. One of the ways to save your hard-earned money is to participate in an OFU-sponsored health plan that includes a Health Savings Account. Watch the video to learn how HSAs work.

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Latest News from the Ohio & National Farmers Union

NFU: No on Syngenta-Monsanto Merger

National Farmers Uniontoday released a resolution passed by its Board of Directors opposing the potential merger between agricultural giants, Monsanto and Syngenta. The merger, if achieved, would combine the world’s number one seed company and the number one pesticide company into a single … [Read More...]


Pope’s Message on Environment Casts Agriculture as a Calling

The National Farmers Union and the organization Catholic Rural Life released a joint statement regarding Pope Francis' latest encyclical, Laudato Si', which was published June 18. The encyclical is now the Roman Catholic Church's most authoritative teaching on the environment. Below is their joint … [Read More...]


OFU Urges Senate to “Chill” on COOL

Americans Want to Know Where Their Food Comes From COLUMBUS – Ohio’s second largest general farm organization leveled a broadside at members of Congress who voted this past week to repeal Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) requirements for beef, pork and poultry in the United States. “In an era … [Read More...]


ACTION ALERT: Congress Voting to Repeal COOL Next Week

There will be a vote in the House next on the COOL Repeal bill. We are asking members of Congress to speak out against COOL. Please call your member of Congress today and tell them Americans have the right to know where their food comes from and you would like them to speak AGAINST repeal on the … [Read More...]


Ohio Current Agricultural Use Value Docs

There has been a lot of deserved attention to CAUV (Current Agricultural Use Value)  valuations by our membership over the past two to three years. While we have worked especially hard to represent you in Columbus, I think we should also provide the actual documents being distributed by the state of … [Read More...]

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